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What Are Water-Based Wall Printer And UV Wall Printer?

  • There are two main types of wall printers nowadays. One is the wall printer uses water-based pigment ink, and the other is the UV wall printers.
  • Wall printers with water-based pigment ink can only print on water-absorbent materials, not on glass, iron sheet, and other non-absorbent materials.
    Don’t be fooled by some bad sales. Sometimes they will show you a video of a wall printer with water-based pigment ink printed on the glass, which can be easily wiped. 


Before you buy a wall printer with water-based ink, you must figure out whether the wall paint used in your country is close to the one used in China.
Because the manufacturers of wall printer machines are all in China, they all use Chinese wall coating for testing, which is very likely not applicable in your country.
According to my experience, wall coatings in Europe and America can be cleaned with water, so their wall coatings are all highly waterproof.
Wall printers with water-based inks are not suitable for use in America and Europe, especially in the restaurant.
In the Middle East countries, Asian and Southeast Asian countries, water-based inks can be used, and their wall paints are similar to those in China.
For wall printers with water-based inks, I suggest that you buy them in China because the formula of these inks has been improved after about 6 years, and you cannot buy suitable inks outside of China.
Chinese inks are very cheap, but the shipping costs are very high.
It is recommended that you buy more inks when you buy the printer, which will reduce the cost of shipping.  Shipping costs are always more expensive than the value of ink.

I suggest that if you can buy a wall printer, try to buy a wall printer with UV ink.
Although it will be more expensive, the performance is more comprehensive and can meet the printing needs of a variety of materials. What’s more, You can buy UV ink in your local from other ink suppliers. 


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